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Education, Information and Communications Technology, Poverty, Social development and protection

Income inequality, educational outcomes, and digital infrastructure: Can public–private partnerships play a pivotal role in Asia and the Pacific?

Addressing inequality requires a new strategy in today’s modern age. Policy makers in Asia and the Pacific need to tackle a new form of inequality—the digital divide.

Climate change, Finance sector development

Promoting innovative climate finance in emerging and developing economies

Soaring fossil fuel prices have reminded the world that investment in clean and low-emissions energy projects is needed to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century.

Economics, Finance sector development

Mounting debt and capital flow management risks amid a strong US dollar

A tightening United States monetary policy cycle in 2022 in the face of severe inflationary pressures has led to a broad-based appreciation of the US dollar.

Climate change, Environment, Water

The “invisible” water crisis: Groundwater sustainability in Asia and the Pacific

Groundwater overexploitation has raised concerns about resource sustainability and environmental degradation.

Climate change, Energy, Governance and public sector management

COP27, climate change mitigation, and a just transition for developing Asia

Global communities need to come together to act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and attain net-zero carbon emissions.

Governance and public sector management, Social development and protection

Redesigning social protection programs beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Redesigning social protection programs beyond the COVID-19 pandemic
Governments must redesign social protection programs, making them more resilient and inclusive so that no one is left behind when the next crisis hits.

Governance and public sector management

Bringing lawyers back to the table for FIDIC contracts and dispute boards

A lack of legal advice during a project’s procurement process can result in unclear contractual terms that undermine the project and lead to costly and lengthy dispute resolution processes.

Governance and public sector management, Social development and protection, Urban development

Sustainable urban development in India: Emerging issues and the way forward

The majority of city residents worldwide live with high levels of air pollution and many still live in slum conditions with limited access to sanitation.

Finance sector development, Health, Information and Communications Technology

Fintech’s pandemic-related boost to financial inclusion, MSME resilience, and women’s empowerment in Asia

fintech-pandemic-related boost-to-financial-inclusion
Fintech has been instrumental in helping to sustain businesses and households during the COVID-19 pandemic, with scope to be an integral driver of sustainable economic development in the post-pandemic era.

Governance and public sector management, Urban development

Land value capture mechanism provides opportunity for sustainable urbanization in developing Asia

Land value capture methods can fill budget gaps in infrastructure projects while promoting sustainable transit-oriented development.