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Economics, Finance sector development

What can the quality of institutions tell us about macrofinancial resilience in Asia?

Asia has made substantial progress on economic development over the past 3 decades, with the quality of institutions playing an important role.

Climate change, Environment, Governance and public sector management

Ocean governance and blue finance for revitalizing the blue economy

The impacts of climate change, marine pollution, unsustainable fishing, and rapid, unsustainable coastal development are threatening ocean ecosystems and jeopardizing small island nations and other developing coastal economies.

Finance sector development, Gender

Global survey points to progress on financial inclusion but stubborn gender gaps in Asia

Asia has seen steady overall progress on financial inclusion, but gender gaps are still growing in some countries.

Energy, Governance and public sector management

Reimagining South Asia’s electricity system amid growing energy market volatility

Regional collaboration can help to alleviate South Asia’s energy security challenges, which have been compounded by rising oil and gas prices, inflation, prospective food deprivation, and food protectionism.

Industry and trade, Transport

Rail routes offer boost to India–Bangladesh cross-border trade

The limited operation of land ports during the pandemic has increased demand for the transport of goods through railways.

Education, Social development and protection

Preparing Southeast Asia’s youth to enter the digital economy

Despite more jobs being created in the digital economy, Southeast Asian youth face a lack of preparedness coupled with a drop in employment due to the pandemic.

Climate change, Environment, Poverty, Social development and protection

Protecting victims of climate-induced migration and displacement in South Asia

South Asia is home to a quarter of the world’s population and is extremely susceptible to climate change-induced displacement and migration.

Economics, Finance sector development

Unconventional monetary policy in Southeast Asia eased market turmoil during COVID-19

Quantitative easing measures in Southeast Asia helped to alleviate pressure on long-term bond yields and support stability in asset markets.

Health, Water

How to meet Asia’s post-COVID-19 water and sanitation investment needs

Governments in developing Asia should adopt practical interventions to maximize the effectiveness of new and existing sources of funding for water and sanitation.

Climate change, Governance and public sector management

Fixing the agriculture–climate change maladaptation information gap

Further research is needed on the risks associated with adaptation measures that can increase current or future vulnerability to climate change.