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Finance sector development, Governance and public sector management

Bank of Japan’s unconventional monetary easing brings global recognition as a bold, innovative practitioner

Over the last decade, the Bank of Japan has become known as a bold practitioner of monetary easing.

Governance and public sector management, Private sector development, Transport

Asian lessons for reviving infrastructure investment as a driver of resilient development

In the post-pandemic era, the need for a timely rebound in infrastructure development is more urgent than ever.

Gender, Social development and protection

Uncovering women’s burden of “unseen” work

Unpaid contributions to production and consumption in households remain excluded from the narrow economic definition of work but are essential to welfare.

Economics, Information and Communications Technology

ChatGPT and structural change: Proceed with caution

ChatGPT has the potential to lay the foundation for structural change and economywide productivity growth.

Governance and public sector management, Regional cooperation and integration

How T20 and partners can give rise to impactful solutions to global challenges

Think20 has become a mechanism for providing research-based policy recommendations to address shifting global challenges.

Agriculture and natural resources, Economics, Water

Managing water resources in agriculture can ensure food and water security

The unsustainable use of water resources in agriculture will have severe implications for future food and water security.

Environment, Health, Water

Maximizing the value of water to end water scarcity in Asia

Water scarcity is a global issue that affects 40% of the world’s population

Economics, Finance sector development

Rising corporate market power in Asia threatens monetary policy effectiveness

Market power has been a long-standing concern for many policy makers and academic researchers as it greatly matters for economic welfare and resource allocation.

Gender, Social development and protection

Putting an end to the social disease of domestic violence

Domestic abuse is not a minor problem but a public health disease that affects millions of women around the globe.

Environment, Finance sector development

Central bank initiatives essential for developing effective sustainable finance markets

As many countries have begun to take greater climate action, central banks and financial regulators must also make greater efforts to foster more effective sustainable financial markets.