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Exchange rate transmission to prices in emerging Asia and the role of global shocks

Exchange rate transmission to prices in emerging Asia and the role of global shocks
Central banks in emerging Asia have helped to bolster the resilience of their economies to external shocks, but the exchange rate channel remains a key transmission mechanism of disturbances.

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ChatGPT and structural change: Proceed with caution

ChatGPT has the potential to lay the foundation for structural change and economywide productivity growth.

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Managing water resources in agriculture can ensure food and water security

The unsustainable use of water resources in agriculture will have severe implications for future food and water security.

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Rising corporate market power in Asia threatens monetary policy effectiveness

Market power has been a long-standing concern for many policy makers and academic researchers as it greatly matters for economic welfare and resource allocation.

Economics, Finance sector development

Mounting debt and capital flow management risks amid a strong US dollar

A tightening United States monetary policy cycle in 2022 in the face of severe inflationary pressures has led to a broad-based appreciation of the US dollar.

Economics, Finance sector development

What can the quality of institutions tell us about macrofinancial resilience in Asia?

Asia has made substantial progress on economic development over the past 3 decades, with the quality of institutions playing an important role.

Economics, Finance sector development

Unconventional monetary policy in Southeast Asia eased market turmoil during COVID-19

Quantitative easing measures in Southeast Asia helped to alleviate pressure on long-term bond yields and support stability in asset markets.

Economics, Finance sector development

Plunging yen hit by widening interest rate differentials and rising commodity prices

The yen’s safe-haven status has been called into question after sharp depreciations amid rising energy prices and widening global interest rate differentials relative to Japan.

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Fight for survival: Indonesia’s hard-hit small informal firms struggle to outlast the pandemic

A critical challenge in achieving inclusive growth is to formalize informal firms and non-contract-based employees.

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Measuring the impacts of COVID-19 in Central Asia

The COVID-19 outbreak has had wide-ranging impacts on the economies of Central Asia, with uncertainty and protective policy measures contributing to falling demand and supply.