Guidelines for Authors

Asia Pathways is the blog of the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI). It encourages short original contributions on economic and development issues in the Asia and Pacific region. Asia Pathways aims to stimulate debate. Posts should present a point of view; they should not be purely descriptive. Policy recommendations are particularly encouraged.


Contributions should generally be 600–1000 words in length. Small figures and tables may be included (up to three per post). Links to reputable websites are encouraged.

Articles can be excerpted from existing or soon-to-be published research papers. However, authors are asked to bear in mind the blog’s commitment to publishing stimulating new thinking that will eventually influence policy; contributions that simply summarize research are unlikely to be suitable. As Asia Pathways aims to popularise economic and development issues, articles should avoid jargon.

ADBI reserves the right to edit contributions for length and clarity. Authors are requested to follow the ADB Handbook of Style and Usage:

Contributions should be sent to [email protected].


Provide references as links within the article.

Approval process

All posts will be rigorously reviewed after submission and ADBI reserves the right to reject contributions or to require substantial revision before publication.

Author biographies

Authors are requested to submit a brief biography (one sentence per author stating the author’s position and affiliation only) and a photo (head and shoulders) to accompany their contribution.


Asia Pathways seeks to encourage public discourse and will be actively soliciting comments from readers of the blog. Authors are encouraged to respond to comments on their articles to make for a dynamic and lively discussion.

Creative Commons License

Posts and comments on Asia Pathways are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.