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Dil Rahut is vice-chair of research and a senior research fellow at ADBI.
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Climate change, Governance and public sector management

Uniting the G7 and G20 to tackle climate change

Cover - Uniting the G7 and G20 to tackle climate change
The G7 and G20 recognize the paramount importance of innovation in steering economies toward a more sustainable future.

Gender, Social development and protection

Fighting the trafficking of women and children in Asia

Fighting the trafficking of women and children in Asia
Trafficking is often considered a gender-based harm, as women and children are more likely to face this form of exploitation.

Agriculture and natural resources, Information and Communications Technology

Enhancing food supply chain governance with blockchain

Blockchain can be a valuable tool for avoiding failures in the food supply chain by opening avenues for enhancing redistribution and accountability for both food producers and consumers.

Gender, Social development and protection

Uncovering women’s burden of “unseen” work

Unpaid contributions to production and consumption in households remain excluded from the narrow economic definition of work but are essential to welfare.

Economics, Information and Communications Technology

ChatGPT and structural change: Proceed with caution

ChatGPT has the potential to lay the foundation for structural change and economywide productivity growth.

Agriculture and natural resources, Economics, Water

Managing water resources in agriculture can ensure food and water security

The unsustainable use of water resources in agriculture will have severe implications for future food and water security.

Gender, Social development and protection

Putting an end to the social disease of domestic violence

Domestic abuse is not a minor problem but a public health disease that affects millions of women around the globe.

Agriculture and natural resources

Understanding the multifunctionality of agriculture production for sustainable rural livelihoods

Multifunctionality is associated with human activities that perform multiple functions and generate ecosystem services that can be positive or negative.


Hypertension, a ticking time bomb that can be stopped to save millions of lives

Hypertension affects 25% of the world’s population and can be a silent killer with no warning signs.

Health, Poverty

The triple burden of malnutrition in early childhood

The triple burden of malnutrition in early childhood-AsiaPathways image (2560 x 1578px)
Children from disadvantaged groups are particularly prone to developing nutrient deficiencies and growth problems.