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Subhasis Bera is an associate professor in economics and quantitative techniques and chairperson of the Research and Professional Development Programme at the International School of Business & Media, Kolkata.
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Industry and trade, Information and Communications Technology

Increasing trust in cross-border e-commerce and artificial intelligence

Cover_Increasing trust in cross-border e-commerce and artificial intelligence
E-commerce has lowered trade barriers and stimulated trade growth around the world, but trust issues still remain.

Gender, Social development and protection

Uncovering women’s burden of “unseen” work

Unpaid contributions to production and consumption in households remain excluded from the narrow economic definition of work but are essential to welfare.

Economics, Information and Communications Technology

ChatGPT and structural change: Proceed with caution

ChatGPT has the potential to lay the foundation for structural change and economywide productivity growth.

Gender, Social development and protection

Putting an end to the social disease of domestic violence

Domestic abuse is not a minor problem but a public health disease that affects millions of women around the globe.

Health, Information and Communications Technology

Servitization of digital technologies to advance health inclusion in developing countries

Rectifying the uneven distribution of healthcare remains key to reducing health inequity.

Governance and public sector management, Information and Communications Technology

Digital governance can unlock connectivity potential and transformation

Digital governance incorporates new norms, rules, and processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in government functions for all stakeholders.