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VIDEO BLOG: Remove trade barriers to improve health systems and lower patients’ costs

Trade in health products has been flourishing as more and more people demand better health. But countries around the world still apply tariffs and nontariff measures that jack up prices and curb the entry of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical equipment.

Trade in these products should be liberalized to bring down their prices and ensure they aren’t stuck in customs warehouses. Insulin, for example, is cheaper in open trade regimes which ensures competition between providers. Bringing down trade barriers can help greatly in building up health systems and lowering patients’ costs.

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Matthias Helble

About the Author

Matthias Helble is an Economist in the Asian Development Bank’s Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department and an Adjunct Fellow at ADBI.
Ben Shepherd

About the Author

Ben Shepherd is the principal of Developing Trade Consultants.

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