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Takashi Kihara is Director of Administration, Management, and Coordination at ADBI. Before this, he served in various capacities within Japan’s Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister’s Office, working in the areas of international finance, development, taxation, trade, public utilities, securities markets, cultural exchange, and economic research. He was professor of economics at Nagasaki University and Kyushu University.
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Is Japanese aid ineffective?

Is Japanese aid ineffective?
Since 2003, the Center for Global Development (CGD), a Washington-based think tank, has been ranking the aid programs of the world’s richest countries using its commitment to development index (CDI). The CGD produces an index of donor performance, which measures “aid quantity and quality”. This index tracks net aid transfer as a share of gross domestic product (GDP), while penalizing tied aid and project “proliferation” and rewarding aid to poor but non-corrupt recipients (this is referred to as aid “selectivity”).