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Amy Leung is Director of Urban Development and Water Division in Southeast Asia at the Asian Development Bank. She is also Chair of ADB’s in-house Water Community of Practice and has over 20 years of experience in urban planning and city development. After her BA in Geography from the University of Hong Kong and Masters in the same field from the University of Toronto, she worked in the public and private sectors in Canada before moving on to Asia where she obtained an MBA from the National University of Singapore in 1999. Her expertise includes urban planning, water and sustainable development, public-private partnerships, and green cities.
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Walkability—Building cities for people too

Walkability—Building cities for people too
With the urban population swelling the world over, it makes sense that we start—or go back to—designing cities for people too. People are a city’s principal raison d'etre. Cities therefore should be designed or redesigned to address one aspect that is at a more personal level for residents to make it greener: walkability.


Green cities: Changing the culture of waste

Green cities Changing the culture of waste
Asia’s drive to urbanize is taking an increasing toll on the environment with growing mountains of solid waste as city dwellers consume and discard resources at an ever increasing rate. If “green” cities are to be the answer to these environmental stresses then they will need to develop much more effective programs to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste.