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Kamalbek Karymshakov is vice rector at the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Kyrgyz Republic. He has also worked as an economist at the CAREC Institute, People’s Republic of China.
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Measuring the impacts of COVID-19 in Central Asia

The COVID-19 outbreak has had wide-ranging impacts on the economies of Central Asia, with uncertainty and protective policy measures contributing to falling demand and supply.

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Infrastructure investment to spur firm performance in Central Asia

Effective infrastructure projects not only construct infrastructure, such as roads, railways, water supply, and electricity, but can boost economic growth in the surrounding region through “spillover effects” (Yoshino, Azhgaliyeva, and Mishra 2021). The infrastructure benefits firms by lowering costs and improving connectivity and the ease of doing business, leading to greater sales and exports.

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Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic need more than energy access to promote clean fuels

Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic need more than energy access to promote clean fuels
Air pollution in the cold countries of Central Asia is particularly high during winter due to the consumption of solid fuels for space heating. Evidence-based policy recommendations are needed to facilitate the transition from solid fuel consumption to the use of cleaner fuels for residential heating and cooking, particularly in Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. This is important not only for improving health conditions for the inhabitants and visitors in these countries but also for reducing the life-threatening health hazards arising from indoor cooking and heating.