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Governance and public sector management

Bringing lawyers back to the table for FIDIC contracts and dispute boards

A lack of legal advice during a project’s procurement process can result in unclear contractual terms that undermine the project and lead to costly and lengthy dispute resolution processes.

Governance and public sector management, Social development and protection, Urban development

Sustainable urban development in India: Emerging issues and the way forward

The majority of city residents worldwide live with high levels of air pollution and many still live in slum conditions with limited access to sanitation.

Governance and public sector management, Urban development

Land value capture mechanism provides opportunity for sustainable urbanization in developing Asia

Land value capture methods can fill budget gaps in infrastructure projects while promoting sustainable transit-oriented development.

Governance and public sector management, Health, Social development and protection

Prioritizing the fight against cancer in Asia in a post-COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on health system resilience around the world.

Climate change, Environment, Governance and public sector management

Ocean governance and blue finance for revitalizing the blue economy

The impacts of climate change, marine pollution, unsustainable fishing, and rapid, unsustainable coastal development are threatening ocean ecosystems and jeopardizing small island nations and other developing coastal economies.

Energy, Governance and public sector management

Reimagining South Asia’s electricity system amid growing energy market volatility

Regional collaboration can help to alleviate South Asia’s energy security challenges, which have been compounded by rising oil and gas prices, inflation, prospective food deprivation, and food protectionism.

Climate change, Governance and public sector management

Fixing the agriculture–climate change maladaptation information gap

Further research is needed on the risks associated with adaptation measures that can increase current or future vulnerability to climate change.

Governance and public sector management, Information and Communications Technology

Digital governance can unlock connectivity potential and transformation

Digital governance incorporates new norms, rules, and processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in government functions for all stakeholders.

Education, Governance and public sector management, Social development and protection

Resilient education systems critical for learning continuity during crises

Without specific efforts to recover learning, prolonged education disruptions can lead to learning losses and disparities that affect students of all income levels.

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Fight for survival: Indonesia’s hard-hit small informal firms struggle to outlast the pandemic

A critical challenge in achieving inclusive growth is to formalize informal firms and non-contract-based employees.