Climate change, Governance and public sector management

Fixing the agriculture–climate change maladaptation information gap

Further research is needed on the risks associated with adaptation measures that can increase current or future vulnerability to climate change.

Governance and public sector management, Information and Communications Technology

Digital governance can unlock connectivity potential and transformation

Digital governance incorporates new norms, rules, and processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in government functions for all stakeholders.

Economics, Finance sector development

Plunging yen hit by widening interest rate differentials and rising commodity prices

The yen’s safe-haven status has been called into question after sharp depreciations amid rising energy prices and widening global interest rate differentials relative to Japan.

Education, Governance and public sector management, Social development and protection

Resilient education systems critical for learning continuity during crises

Without specific efforts to recover learning, prolonged education disruptions can lead to learning losses and disparities that affect students of all income levels.

Economics, Governance and public sector management, Health, Private sector development

Fight for survival: Indonesia’s hard-hit small informal firms struggle to outlast the pandemic

A critical challenge in achieving inclusive growth is to formalize informal firms and non-contract-based employees.

Economics, Energy, Governance and public sector management, Health, Social development and protection

Measuring the impacts of COVID-19 in Central Asia

The COVID-19 outbreak has had wide-ranging impacts on the economies of Central Asia, with uncertainty and protective policy measures contributing to falling demand and supply.

Capacity development, Governance and public sector management, Health, Social development and protection

Crisis X: Is Asia ready to face the next pandemic?

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of collaboration among governments and stakeholders to better prepare for the next unknown crisis.

Capacity development, Health, Industry and trade

Fashion industry SMEs look to new strategies to overcome pandemic impacts

The fashion industry employs millions worldwide, but its SMEs have faced unprecedented challenges and a widening digitalization gap during the pandemic.

Agriculture and natural resources, Energy, Governance and public sector management, Poverty

Driving household energy modernization in South Asia amid COVID-19

Policy makers must consider the possible impacts of the pandemic on households’ energy choices and their access to clean fuels.

Capacity development, Governance and public sector management, Health

Call in the social science cavalry for post-pandemic recovery

Asian governments and social scientists need to work together to respond to the pandemic and its aftermath.