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Erik Britton is a co-director at Fathom. Previously he was a director at a leading economic forecasting consultancy, where he headed up major consultancy projects for clients in blue-chip industrial firms, financial services and government, in Europe, UK, and the US. He worked at the Bank of England, where he spent five years in the Monetary Analysis Division running the bank's UK macroeconomic model, coordinating its international forecast, and also managing a team of economists responsible for analyzing the economics of the corporate sector.
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US dollar outlook: Secular stagnation and the threat from the East

US dollar outlook: Secular stagnation and the threat from the East
In the eyes of many commentators, the US dollar’s reign as the global reserve currency is under threat from two angles. The first comes from within the US—a permanent deficiency in demand or secular stagnation; and the second from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and in particular from a fully convertible yuan. In a recent seminar tour, which covered the Asia and the US, including the Asian Development Bank Institute, we spelled out why these fears are overdone. Far from being in decline, the US is in the ascendancy in our view. We summarize these arguments here.