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Ben Shepherd is the Principal of Developing Trade Consultants Ltd. He specializes in providing policy-relevant research on trade and development issues. Particular areas of expertise on which he has published extensively include trade in services, trade facilitation and logistics, product standards and other non-tariff measures, and governance.
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Reforming Asia’s Trade in Services will Help Human Development

Reforming Asia’s Trade in Services will Help Human Development
The services sector is becoming increasingly important in modern economies. In many of the most developed economies, it can represent two–thirds or even three–quarters of all economic activity. Even in developing economies, the services sector often accounts for a significant share of economic output and employment. International trade in services is also increasing in importance, and has been growing more rapidly than goods trade over recent years. It has also proven to be more resilient to the global financial crisis and resulting trade collapse. It has long been recognized that services trade can influence economic and social outcomes through a variety of mechanisms. Read more.